Reading Challenge 2017, The Halfway Mark

It’s officially July, meaning it’s been six months since the reading challenge first started! Here’s how my list looks up close:


Out of 40 points, I’ve checked off 21 of them! Meaning 19 to go. There’s one point on this list where I haven’t written a review about the book: A book with a red spine. One of the two books I read for my magazine checks off this point, but since I wrote a review for the magazine itself, I’ll wait with writing the TBR for this blog until after the first one is published – which will be at the end of the year.

One thing that’s struck me over the past weeks, is how little variations there are in the authors I read… 17 books read, and none of them written by a person of color. That’s embarrassing. It also bugs me that I haven’t read a book written by or about a person with a disability – are there so few books of the sort, or am I just oblivious to it? Then again, I never check if an author happens to be disabled…

Lastly, I have of course saved the most difficult points on the list till the last. Finding books that are in a hotel/ in the wilderness/ about food/ gives career advice… Those are all gonna be read in December, I bet.

Suggestions for the remaining points are more than welcome! Please comment if you can. 🙂



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