Sophie’s World – a Tiny Book Review

Sophie’s World is a mixture of a YA novel, and a philosophy novel! It was written by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder, and was first published in 1991.


The story is about 14 year old Sophie, living a pretty normal life in a small town in Norway, until she starts getting some strange letters in the mail. It turns out she’s unknowingly started a course in philosophy by a man named Alberto, which she finds herself to enjoy very much! But then the postcards starts to arrive…

Sophie’s World is something different. Just thinking about how Gaarder even made it possible to integrate the greatest aspects of the history of philosophy into a novel, and the research he had to put into it..! That’s some great dedication right there. Along with that, the story about Sophie herself is an interesting one, especially with the several plot twists that takes place…

Reading challenge: Two points! First one is A book that is a story within a story. Second is A book set in two different time periods. I shall say no more.



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