The Minimalism Game

As I’m writing this, I’m about 5 days too late, but then again, this game can start whenever you feel like it. The rules are all very simple: Every day of a full month (30 days), get rid of things equal to the date – On the 1st you get rid of one thing; on the 2nd you get rid of two things, etc.

You can get rid of whatever small or large object you want, and you can either donate, sell, or throw it away (but don’t do that unless it’s completely broken or absolutely no one wants it). At the end of the month, you will have gotten rid of 465 things if you stick to it!

You can invite friends and family to join and make a competition out of it if you want, seeing who will withhold the longest. I myself am doing this alone, to get rid of things in my own tempo. So far, after 4 days,  my list look like this:



  • 1. 1 stripey dress


  • 2. Red dotted dress
  • 3. 3 bookmarks
  • 4. Green longsleeved top
  • 4. 1 pair of slippers


  • 2. A chain for a memory stick
  • 4. A buddhist necklace
  • 4. A broken pair of sunglasses (that I was totally gonna fix two years ago)


The numbers before each object is the date when I decided on it, to stay oriented on how much I’ve done. This should get really interesting in the end…

Edit: I know the original game, created by The Minimalists, says that by the end of each day, the items should be out of your house. But I honestly don’t see how constructive it would be to drop off one or two piece of clothing to donation every day when you can gather it all in one pile, and then get rid of it all at the same time. Also I’m not sure what to do about things that wouldn’t be sold on the course off just one day..?



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