Fast Food Nation – a Tiny Book Review

Fast Food Nation is a book written by Eric Schlosser, and was published in 2000. In 2006 a movie loosely based on the book came out.


Fast Food Nation is a documentary book, being the product of three years of research and interviews. It’s divided into sections of the fast food industry, having chapters about the farmers, the fast food workers, the facory workers, and so on. It gives a lot of facts and history about the fast food industry as a whole, but especially about McDonalds.

My opinion of this book…although it is starting to be a long time since it was published, I really feel like this book should be on everyones reading list! It is such a valuable piece of information, and it really could be life-altering for some. And a spoiler alert: no one in the entire industry is winning on this, except the guys at the top, which by the way doesn’t give a fuck about anyone but their own. If you have the ability to read, read this book right now.

The reading challenge: Two points – it’s a best-seller in a genre I don’t normally read (documentary), and it’s a book about food.



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