Hillbilly Elegy – a Tiny Book Review

Hillbilly Elegy is written by J.D. Vance, is both a memoir and a dive into political and cultural diversity in the US, and was first published in 2016.


The story is about Vance’s own upbringing, being born and raised by hillbillies in the truest sense. From having a non-existing father and a drug-addicted mother, to a grandmother and grandfather that loved him deeply, he dives into his family’s history; alongside explaining possible reasons for why people with his background have turned so drastically politically as they have (from Democrat to Republican) .

Hillbilly Elegy is a truly interesting book. It’s very well-written, driven, intriguing, and a real page-turner. I could recommend it solely based on Vance’s own ability to reflect on the people who was around him growing up; but how he also include a reasoning for the changes of a whole culture is truly eye-opening.



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