Hidden Pattern – a Tiny Book Review

Disclaimer: once again a Norwegian book, not translated as far as I know. Therefore the translation of the title is my own.

Hidden Pattern is a mystery/crime novel written by Norwegian author André Bjerke, and was first published in 1950 under his pseudonym Bernhard Borge.

Apologies for the bad image from internet; my book only have a black cover.

The book is about a young woman, Irene, who moves into a house with four male friends. Things are going great and the men adore her, but as time goes by they sense a nervousness in Irene when it comes to her family. Is it just her nerves, or is something really going on..?

Confession! I love André Bjerke, he is my favorite Norwegian author, especially when it comes to his poems. His other books are also so delightfully written; I can basically see all the scenes happening as if I were watching a movie. I adore the language – he wrote his books with a hint of old-fashioned spellings, making it easier for me to really imagine all the conversations and the surroundings in my head.

Reading Challenge: One point! Bjerke died in 1985, but he was an Oslo-guy through and through, so this book was indeed written by a local author.



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