Ghostwritten – a Tiny Book Review

Ghostwritten is David Mitchell’s debut novel, and was first published in 1999.


Mitchell’s first novel is about several different people and consists of a small insight to their lives; their stories are also entwined to each other by small occurrences. It’s also possible to read the end of the book and start right to the beginning again without the story suffering – it just loops.

However much I loved some of the individual stories, cause Mitchell is a great writer and writes differently for each story, I have to admit that I struggle a bit to grasp the…shall we say, point of the story as a whole. I mean, yes, a part of it is the thought that all of us are connected however unlikely that fact seems. But, I feel that I’m also missing something else that I just can’t pinpoint… Maybe you should read the book and tell me what I missed?

The Reading Challenge: One point – A book with an ugly cover. I mean…just look at those colours.




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