The Shamer Series – a Tiny Book Review

These books haven’t been translated to English, therefore the titles are my own translations.

The Shamer Series is a fantasy series in four parts, written for teens. Written by Danish author Lene Kaaberbøl, the first book, The Shamer’s Daughter, was published in 2000. The second and third book, The Shamer Sign and The Gift of the Snake, came in 2001. Fourth and final book, The Shamer War, came in 2003.

Skammarens dotter.jpg _9788252161908.jpg

9788252166965.jpg VisBildeServlet.jpg

The Shamer Series is about a girl named Dina, her older brother Davin, and their family. At ten years old, Dina discovers she has inherited the gift of being a shamer – someone who when looking in your eyes see all the things you’ve done in your life that you’re ashamed of. Not the greatest gift according to a girl her age. Her mother, the shamer, uses her power to help settle disputes whenever someone is accused of murder, thievery and the likes, since she can see if someone is lying or not.

One day a king, his daughter-in-law, and her young son is found murdered, the suspicion landing on Nico, the king’s son. Drakan, the king’s illegitimate-and-outcast son, brings the shamer in to prove it, however the shamer refuses to believe Nico is the murderer. But Drakan won’t accept that, and has no problem doing whatever he needs to make sure he’s the next in line for the throne.

Now, since this is a tiny book review, I won’t spoil more than that. Let’s just say that things escalates a lot. I first read these books when they initially came out in Norwegian, and I loved them from the start. 15+ years later I found myself still loving them. The language is easy, written for a younger audience, but the story is so driven that it just makes it more fun to read. A proper page-turner, in other words.

Fun fact: The character Davin, pictured on the cover of the second book, is where I got my middle name from. His characteristics meant so much to me at the time I was reading these books, and I identified a lot with his stubbornness, determination, and sometimes thoughtlessness. So I ended up taking his name.

Reading challenge: Even though there are four books, there’s only three points in total to check off: (1) The next book in a series you started. (2) A book about a villain or antihero (making people feel ashamed isn’t exactly popular). (3) A book with an animal in the title.



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