My name is Kristine and I live in Oslo, Norway. Originally I come from a small town in the west of the country, but I ended up here for college, and stayed because I quite like it here. I finished my bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science in 2015.

As a person I’m rather varied, having a huge field of interest and being more curious than a cat; I like to know a little about everything, but I’d prefer to know everything about everything. As a librarian I love books, and as a former projectionist at a movie theater I love movies. I put knowledge above almost anything else, but I also consider myself to be rather spiritual – if you call me a hippie, I’ll take it as a compliment.

In addition I also love taking photographs, I’m an editorial member at a magazine published by the Support Center Against Incest and Sexual Abuse Oslo, and I’m madly in love with a guy named Jesse – who is silly enough to be living 5000 miles away from me.

On this blog you will mostly find my tiny book reviews, the best photographs I’ve ever taken, everyday happenings, and from time to time I’ll write about some of my passions in life.

I hope you’ll enjoy your stay!

Kristine, June 1st, 2018