Inventing the Christmas Tree – a Tiny Book Review

Inventing the Christmas Tree is a small fact-book written by Bernd Brunner. It was first published in Berlin in 2011.


It’s not much to say about this book, it is about exactly what it says: the Christmas tree! It’s a cute and fun book though, diving into the history of the Christmas tree, early traditions, and how the tree spread across the world.

It’s the perfect book for anyone who loves Christmas, or just wants to know a little bit more of the backstory to the celebration of it. 🙂


Some Small Updates

October has left, but consisted of a lot of happenings!

Mainly husband Jesse was visiting, and we traveled a bit and watched movies and did plenty of fun and interesting stuff. ❤ Now he has left, and I’m counting down the days till I get to see him again, which will most likely be in February – that time me visiting him.

On the book front I have therefore not read a lot – actually quite little. But I have managed to sneak with me 10+ books from work that I’m planning to read. All but one point on the reading challenge should be checked by the time I’m finished with them.

Other than the reading-challenge books, I’ve gained an interest in books about American sub-cultures, more precisely the hillbilly/white supremacy stuff – I’m both fascinated and appalled by it. And since it’s Christmas soon (soon!), I’ve also brought home several books about Christmas and the traditions around it. The Christmas spirit always comes early to me.

Also, about the reading challenge: I’m not too sure I’m attending next year. The list for 2018 hasn’t been released (or probably even made) yet, so I’ll wait and see, but I kinda really want to check some other books off my own reading list. But time will tell. There’s still two months left.

Big Magic – a Tiny Book Review

Big Magic is a motivational/career advice/life advice book written by Elizabeth Gilbert. It was first published in 2015.


Big Magic – Creative Living Beyond Fear is about…well, that. How to live a creative life. Gilbert gives a lot of advice and approaches for how to do this, and several inspirational stories she’s heard over the years.

It’s certainly an interesting take on creativity and on following a creative path in life! She contradicts several common conceptions of creativity, like “following your passion” and “the struggling artist”. Does it make me want to pursue my creativity a bit more? Yes, it does. Will I? Well…Kinda. Maybe. Soon.

Reading challenge: One point – A book with career advice!

The Solitaire Mystery – a Tiny Book Review

The Solitaire Mystery is a fantasy/ philosophy novel written by Jostein Gaarder. It was first published in 1990.


In this book we meet Hans-Thomas, a 12 year old boy on a road trip down Europe with his father, looking for his mom. On their way, Hans-Thomas is handed a tiny book that tells the story of a delicious soda, a family curse, and a deck of cards coming to life. (The book itself has 53 chapters; one for each card!)

This is the third time I’ve read this book, so it now also has the status of the book I’ve read most times! Granted, the two previous times were more than ten years ago, but still. I obviously like this book! I like the story, how easy it is to forget your surroundings when you read it, how much work and fantasy that’s gone into it by the author, and how much I wished this story was my own when I was younger. It’s a great book for both children and adults.

Reading challenge: One point – A book you loved as a child.

Hotel Iris – a Tiny Book Review

Hotel Iris is a novel written by Yoko Ogawa, and was first published in 1996.


The novel is about a 17 year old girl, Mari, who helps her mother run the Hotel Iris. One day an elderly man creates a scene in one of the rooms, catching Mari’s attention. The two of them develops a rather unusual relationship…

Hotel Iris is first of all a well-written novel. Secondly, the book is somewhat quite unusual! Thirdly, I find it to have a highly original plot. The story is not exactly something I’d prefer reading, but it is written in a way that made it exciting to keep reading it! If you’re looking for something unusual and original, this is probably it.

Reading challenge: One point – a book set in a hotel.