Sophie’s World – a Tiny Book Review

Sophie’s World is a mixture of a YA novel, and a philosophy novel! It was written by Norwegian author Jostein Gaarder, and was first published in 1991.


The story is about 14 year old Sophie, living a pretty normal life in a small town in Norway, until she starts getting some strange letters in the mail. It turns out she’s unknowingly started a course in philosophy by a man named Alberto, which she finds herself to enjoy very much! But then the postcards starts to arrive…

Sophie’s World is something different. Just thinking about how Gaarder even made it possible to integrate the greatest aspects of the history of philosophy into a novel, and the research he had to put into it..! That’s some great dedication right there. Along with that, the story about Sophie herself is an interesting one, especially with the several plot twists that takes place…

Reading challenge: Two points! First one is A book that is a story within a story. Second is A book set in two different time periods. I shall say no more.

New Camera Equipment

After owning my Nikon D3200 for over two years and never having other equipment than the camera itself and two lenses, I felt it was time to get some things that can help me improve my photographs in the future. So I went on a tiny shopping spree online and got all of this:

2017-07-08 (14)2
Graduated filters with different colors, a UV filter, and a polarizing filter.
2017-07-08 (17)e
Stepping rings in case my camera lens is too small or too big for filters, a couple of extra lens covers, and a macro lens that I’m not completely sure will work with my camera.
2017-07-08 (12)e
Two small tripods – one very standard one, and an octopus one!

Hopefully I’ll start getting the new equipment by the end of this week – this was all bought from eBay, so the delivery time is sometimes really long. However, I tend to be lucky with these things, so I might have them by the weekend!

What’s On Your Walls?

As an aspiring minimalist, I don’t like having excess stuff – stuff that doesn’t give me joy or have a purpose for me. It’s easy to think that a minimalist living has less than the bare minimum around; meaning white walls and one single chair to sit on. That’s a common misconception – although there are of course some that do live that way, most minimalists don’t. Because I have less items than most people, many of them are precious to me, so most of what I own, I have in my bedroom – I share an apartment with two others, if I haven’t mentioned it before. So I thought I could share what my (tiny) bedroom has on its walls, and why I have it:

“Nordic Trees” – a collection of the most common trees that can be found in the Nordic countries. I love posters like these, that gives me the combination of educational and pretty to look at.
A decoration piece my sister bought for me while she was visiting China. I love the authenticity of it, and I generally like some common Chinese traditions, which this reminds me of.
Five tiny postcard-sized posters, if I can call it that. Bought at IKEA, had them for years, and just find them to be pretty to look at.
The poster from Kent’s goodbye-tour. My favorite band in the world, and that concert was my first and last one. Took this poster from a wall that had many to spare.
My latest edition! I’ve wanted one of these posters for a loong time. It shows the common species to be found outside the Norwegian Coast. Educational and pretty. ❤
The fish: It says “Herring fish”, picture came with the frame, which was the sales object. The picture always makes me smile, because of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The picture at the bottom I bought at the Dollar Store during the road trip Jesse and I took in January – I find it both perfect and a big cliché. The “J” is for Jesse, and I bought it at Walmart the first time I visited him. And last, but definitely not least, the drawing of the heart: Jesse made it for me for my birthday last year, he designed and drew it himself, and if you look closely, you can see that there’s a “k” and a “j” in different colors (our favorite colors) – which I honestly didn’t even notice myself before weeks had passed. It’s most definitely one of my most valued items. ❤

#UnpopularOpinion Tag

Borrowed from Jobookloveblog

1) A popular book or series that you didn’t like

The Twilight Series… I read the first two books, but halfway through the third one I just completely lost interest for the story, even though I liked the first two.

2) A book or series that everyone seems to hate, but you love

I honestly think it would be easier for me to answer what book or series everyone seems to love, but I hate… I don’t think there is one? Can’t think of what that could be.

3) A love triangle where the main character ended up with the ‘wrong’ person OR an OTP that you don’t like

Well, I am definitely Team Jacob purely because of his infi-warmth even during blizzards… Imagine being stuck anywhere cold (like Norway during winter) and having to deal with Edward the Ice Man. I think not.

4) A popular book genre that you hardly reach for

Definitely Romance. It just sounds too boring to me, I guess. But I’m a very “Just take the chance, say you love each other, and run away together!” type of person, so having a book that just drags on forever with the what-ifs sounds horrible. I’m kind of fed up with crime as well.

5) A popular or beloved character that you don’t like

I…don’t really like Harry Potter, as a person. I mean, yes, the books are written from his point of view, but I find him to be a bit too self-absorbed or something. I don’t hate him, I just don’t want to be his friend…

6) A popular author that you can’t seem to get into

There are several Norwegian crime writers that everyone in Norway reads, and I’m just…no thanks. Also Jojo Moyes.

7) A popular book trope that you’re tired of seeing

I’m not sure if there are any..? Maybe I’m too young to be tired of them just yet! Maybe I’ve never thought about it enough for it to bother me. But I definitely don’t like the troubled-detective-fighting-crime-whilst-dealing-with-inner-demons-oh-and-also-he-likes-alcohol.

8) A popular series that you have no interest in reading

The so-called Napoli-quartet, written by Elena Ferrante. It’s super popular her in Norway at least, but I can hardly stand to look at the titles of it. I might love the books themselves, but I definitely really hate the translator.

9) The saying goes:”The book is always better than the movie”, but what movie or T.V. adaptation do you like more than the book?

I only have one of those: The Hobbit. The book is really tiresome; it’s just a bunch of people walking in the woods and for a couple of pages deal with a dragon. The movies are entertaining and have way more variety, even though the story has been highly expanded.

Reading Challenge 2017, The Halfway Mark

It’s officially July, meaning it’s been six months since the reading challenge first started! Here’s how my list looks up close:


Out of 40 points, I’ve checked off 21 of them! Meaning 19 to go. There’s one point on this list where I haven’t written a review about the book: A book with a red spine. One of the two books I read for my magazine checks off this point, but since I wrote a review for the magazine itself, I’ll wait with writing the TBR for this blog until after the first one is published – which will be at the end of the year.

One thing that’s struck me over the past weeks, is how little variations there are in the authors I read… 17 books read, and none of them written by a person of color. That’s embarrassing. It also bugs me that I haven’t read a book written by or about a person with a disability – are there so few books of the sort, or am I just oblivious to it? Then again, I never check if an author happens to be disabled…

Lastly, I have of course saved the most difficult points on the list till the last. Finding books that are in a hotel/ in the wilderness/ about food/ gives career advice… Those are all gonna be read in December, I bet.

Suggestions for the remaining points are more than welcome! Please comment if you can. 🙂

Siste Brev / Last Letters – a Tiny Book Review

(This book was strangely never published in English, but was originally in Italian, and was also translated to German – published in Switzerland. The English title is my own translation from the Norwegian edition.)

Siste brev fra dødsdømte frihetsforkjempere/ Last Letters from Death Sentenced Freedom Fighters is a compilation of letters written by a range of people to their loved ones in their last moments during the World War II. It was first published in Italy in 1954, this edition was published in 1962.


It’s not much to say about the content of the book; it is rather obvious. The letters are written by different people from all over Europe, and it’s given some background information about the writer before each letter. There are many sad and unfair stories in this book, and it really teaches you about both the good and the bad that humans are capable of doing.

I cried several times reading these letters… One of my favorite things was all the love written down; all the forgiveness, the asking to keep resisting the evil, keep loving, and to be remembered as a person fighting for what s/he believed was the right thing to do. So many wrote that they don’t fear dying; that they’re only sad that they had to leave their loved ones so soon, and so many letters ended with “I kiss and hug you forever”. (Totally not choking up right no…) Read it if you can find a copy. ❤

The reading challenge: One point: A book of letters.